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At Cherapeutic Massage

we offer a customized therapeutic Massage for every client.

Claudia Fassold Phillips RMT

is a graduate from Baltimore School of Massage in 2002

Specializing in prenatal Massage and therapeutic Massage to your preference of pressure.

I believe, that we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to stay strong and vital for ourselves, our children and family.

Including a Massage on a regular basis will help you, build a happy balance between your mind and body .

Please book your next massage and feel

rejuvenated and refreshed

Claudia Fassold Phillips RMP


[email protected]

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Therapeutic Heat and Cold Pillows

are a wonderful way to reduce aches and pains at home and on the go.

all natural moist heat is most beneficial for muscle aches, cramps, back pain, arthritis.......

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wonderful designs

you can choose between beautiful fabrics in any kind of theme or colors .

a perfect gift for the whole entire family.

you can use your Cherapy as a heat or freeze pack.

my children and my clients believe in it very strongly just as I do.

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The Nest, Clarksville MD

many Spa's , Wellness Centers, Hospital gift shops, gift shops across the USA.

and off course our website

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Cherapeutic Therapeutic Massage


Cherapy Therapeutic Heat Pillows

the ultimate combination for ache and pain relief in addition to relaxation !!

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January 15, 2017

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